NOTE: A little background information. Aqua Teen Hunger Force is the best show on television by a factor of ten. So as a gentleman and custodian of underprivileged children's rights in America and beyond, I've graciously edited the Aqua Teen pages over at for years. I know, I know. You're welcome. Unfortunately, the user TTN, an unhandsome Wikipedian with an axe to grind against knowledge, has merged my hard work into annihilation. More unfortunately, it appears [after several days] that the Web's avengers for truth don't know enough about Wikipedia policy to make things right in the world. Meaning the Aqua Teen project will probably remain in its ruined, desiccated form.

My short rant below was written for the "List of Aqua Teen Hunger Force Episodes" talk page. It was kinda like an exit interview, but without the interview because I left in an angry huff. The original Aqua Teen Wikipedia project, in its former glory, was pretty bitchin'. Now it's uninformative, subencyclopedic, and evil. Sob, sob, sob. Oh wait! TTN, listen closely! Can you hear the sobs of our nation's hungry, underprivileged children?

Seriously though, I'm not editing Wikipedia anymore.

--murrayjames (talk) on 23:46, 25 November 2007 (UTC), wrote:

Hi. The user TTN has went in and mass-merged/-deleted all of the Aqua Teen episode information. So from sixty-eight pages of helpful (if disorganized) episode-specific information, we're left with one page of short paragraph summaries, and... that's it.

This is really frustrating. Shows like Family Guy, South Park, and the Simpsons have larger and more wiki-literate fan bases that have fought for and obtained articles on each and every episode. It seems, however, that no one in the Aqua Teen community knows enough about wikipedia to dispute/revert TTN's edits. I certainly don't.

Anyway, I think I'm done contributing here. I'm a huge fan of the show. Over the years, I've tried to help with the form and content of the Aqua Teen pages. It's discouraging to see my hard work go to nothing. And yours too—if you're one of the many fans who spent hours writing, citing, and editing the sixty-eight articles that are now literally history.

I looked on TTN's talk page. I guess he's eviscerated many, many articles on many topics. He's even received an award for it. What are us simple fans to do? The ironic thing for me is this: I'm a doctoral student at NYU, doing research and preparing for a dissertation I'll have to defend at length before a committee of professionals in my field. But I have no clue on how to win an argument on wikipedia.

-murrayjames 11/25/07

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