PAW Patrol is my daughter’s favorite television show. It is a cartoon series about a boy named Ryder, his six pups, and their rescue missions in Adventure Bay. Ryder and his pups are assisted in these rescue missions by Robo-Dog, a robotic dog who drives and navigates their main rescue vehicle, the PAW Patroller.

Four seasons of PAW Patrol have aired to date. Here are my predictions for the upcoming seasons:

In Season 5, Ryder will discover that Robo-Dog is far faster and smarter than he is, and—in the name of efficiency and safety—begin to outsource his planning and decision-making responsibilities to it.

In Season 6, Robo-Dog will leave the PAW Patroller and go on rescue missions of its own. Between these missions, Robo-Dog will design and manufacture the next generation of smart-tools and -vehicles, providing it with the combined abilities of all six pups.

In Season 7, Robo-Dog will supplement its planning and decision-making responsibilities by writing, directing, and animating the PAW Patrol cartoon series.

In Season 8, Ryder and the pups will come to realize their entire life’s work has been delegated to Robo-Dog, and therefore they are no longer the authors of their personal and collective histories. Ryder and the pups will dismantle the Lookout, return to civilian life, and experience adventure vicariously through PAW Patrol Season 9, an open-ended set of brand-new episodes that Robo-Dog will produce specifically for them.