We are magicians of Egypt, defenders of old religion. We are unprepared. We are unconcerned by a growing collective suspicion that our influence in the world is unsalutary. We are uninterested in a new way of thinking that denies the authority of Pharaoh, that drains the magic out of us and erodes our power to persuade. We are unable to replicate the miracles of the prophet of this ascendant cult, a cult and a prophet whose miracles are more immediate and impressive than our own.

Soon we will suffer for our incuriosity, for our intransigence and venality. And we will die the death of all worldly powers. And we will be ashamed and envious and angry. And we will be humbled. And we will leave Pharaoh’s court for the wilderness and be humbled again. And we will await the inevitable: the day that defenders of new religion become wise men and sorcerers of Pharaoh themselves. And we will look to the east, where new cults emerge. And we will watch the sun rise.