In contemporary Christian churches, male worship leaders sing well above middle C (F4–A4). This is because high pitches are exciting to listen to. But high pitches are not recommended for congregational singing. In practice, choruses become too high for most men to sing comfortably. And verses become too low for most women.

In a similar way, female contemporary worship leaders begin songs well below middle C (F3–A3). This is because low pitches are great for setting a mood. But low pitches may be inaccessible to female parishioners who are sopranos or untrained singers.

It is best to avoid these high and low pitches. Worship leaders can use subsets of their impressive vocal ranges. Their congregants will adjust at the octave as necessary. They will not need to strain their voices at church.

If your congregation chants, or sings hymns, or sings contemporary worship music but does not attempt to follow its worship leaders note-for-note, please disregard the above. If your congregation sings its vocal parts in harmony, please disregard the above and teach the rest of us how to do better.