Shortly after she moved from the city to the countryside, Christina discovered that contrary to its cute and cuddly portrayal in cartoons and elsewhere in popular culture, the llama was a prickly and aggressive animal.

It was a hot and early August day. Christina was playing outside near the entrance to the llama enclosure. Christina entered the llama enclosure and approached the llama and tried to touch the llama. The llama spat and kicked and charged and chased her and then the llama laughed. Christina fled the laughing llama, and from that day Christina didnt like the llama, for a few months at least. She thought the llama was rude.

Christina learned to like the llama one cool quiet late November night not long before bedtime. On this night, as she cleaned her face, Christina heard a sudden silencebreaking spinechilling coyote howl. And as Christina crawled into her covers, scared because of the coyotes howl, she heard the coyote call out to her familys sheep, threatening them, saying, stay still sheep, soon I will eat you, I will eat you tonight. Christina was scared for the sheeps safety and for her own safety and she cried, as the sheep baaed all nonchalant. Christinas mother came to the bedroom and drew close to a frightened nondormant Christina. Next to the bed Christinas mother stood, and she touched Christinas hair and she held her head and smiled and said Christina do not be afraid, the sheep are safe. Remember that laughing llama, the llama you dont like, the llama that bucked and kicked and spat at you, the llama outside. The llama is illtempered and irascible, but it is not cruel. And while children sleep the laughing llama loves the sheep and keeps the coyotes away.