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Dr. Murray James Morrison is a saxophonist, composer, and music educator. Originally from Canada, he has worked as an itinerant arranger, bandleader, clinician, composer, guest lecturer, and performing artist in cities around the world. Murray James is a Clinical Assistant Professor of Arts at NYU Shanghai, where he teaches jazz and popular music. Previously, he was Head of Saxophone at the Popular Music Academy of the Sichuan Conservatory of Music, where he taught in Mandarin. He was also Head Composer for Rye Studios, a Chinese educational app developer. Murray James holds a Ph.D. in Music Performance from the Jazz Studies program of New York University. His teachers include a who’s who of contemporary jazz legends: Joe Lovano, Chris Potter, Stefon Harris, Kenny Werner, Jean-Michel Pilc, Ralph Bowen, and acclaimed jazz historian Dr. Lewis Porter. Murray James is presently recording music for Soul Pirate, a funk/fusion follow-up to his debut jazz album, Happy Every Day. Murray James lives in Shanghai, China with his wife Liu and daughter Melody.



curriculum vitae - PDF, updated May 2019

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happy every day (studio album)

Happy Every Day

Si Si


My Melancholy Baby


Apartment, Car, Money

At Hangzhou


rye studios


Tyrannosaurus Song

Background music for I Am a Tyrannosaurus

Rye World demo trailer - video

My Home

My Child

Aquatic Life


nyu jazz studies

I’ll Remember April



other music

For Richer, For Poorer

Stricken, Smitten, and Afflicted

Some Christmas Music

Free Improvisation


music with video

If I Fall in Love with You

All the Things You Are / Place de la Concorde

Highways and Hedges

Happy New Year

Melody’s Lullaby

Soul Pirate / New City

O Canada

Georgia on My Mind

Crazeology” (external link)

My Romance” (external link)

Get Out of Here” (external link)


(musician credits)

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Ph.D. Dissertation Abstract

Practitioner and Prophet: An Analysis of Sonny Stitt’s Music and Relationship to Charlie Parker” - Ph.D. Dissertation, 552 pages + xix, PDF

Jazz Education in China: Its Recent Development and Future




Parents Wonder

Around Town


Hemmed-In Believers Fret

Being Experimental and Transgressive

What Social Media Is For


Mandarin and Music with Murray James

The Printed Page and the Hyper-link

Footnotes and Endnotes

The Internet of Things and the Divine

Learning a New Language Is a Sisyphean Undertaking

Enhanced Music

A Motley Many Tentacled Beast

Getting to a Future Note

At Noon


Christina and the Llama


Daylight’s Saving

What Is Post-Edison Music?

And Suffer Them Not

Smart Chair


The First Musician

The Profits

No Longer Aflame

Darn Them!

Luke’s Profession

The Animals of Sophisticated Secular Societies

A Good Name for a Thief

English-Speaking Farmers

Modernity in Pharaoh’s Court

20th-Century Music and Its Meanings

Jazz Controversies

Plot Synopsis of the Pilot Episode of Millennial, a Rejected 2018 Comedy Sitcom

Miss Sophie’s Diary



Natural Selection


What is Music

Facebook Here Together

Good Friday


Cathedrals and Skyscrapers

Once upon a Time



What Is Late Modern Man?

Music Then and Now

How Dare You

Modern Art

Which Is Better

To Whom I Belong

Firewood for Winter

Cellphone Magic

Self-Driving Cars


PAW Patrol

Replacements for Ancient Human Desires

They See You When You’re Sleeping

The Missing Wife

War Is the Answer

Human Sacrifice

Today’s Computer Users

Death Is a Scandal

The Downsides of Letter Writing

G Clef Kingdom, Year 4/4, Common Era

Turf War

In Dystopia

I Will Sing My Song

On Contemporary Christian Worship Music

Criticizing Global Capitalism on an iPhone

Brutes, Monsters, and Devils

Hyperlinks All Over

Ages 5 to 35

When I’m Older

Over There

Daddy, Daddy!

Mark Turner

Equal-Tempered Major Thirds Are Discomfiting

Transposing Instruments

3D Printer

Man in the Mirror


The Score


Jailhouse Rock

Dear Jazz Theory Textbook Writers

Over Four Hours of Music per Day

Neutral Intervals

Christmas in China

Kings, Queens, Fatha’s, Lords and Ladies

Reel Deal

Chess Master

Decision Theology

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promotional photos

photo 1

photo 2

photo 3

head shot


murrayjames &c

...with the Dragonovsky Funk Quartet

...with The Trouble in 2019

...with The Trouble in 2013

...with a book the piano

...with Liu

...with Melody, on stage

...with Boss Ma Band

Happy Every Day photo 1

Happy Every Day photo 2


“Daddy, I got this.”


melody’s artwork

Girl and Boy Swimming


Dragonflies Flying

Princess and Queen

Sea Creatures under the Sea

Marriage at Sunset

Dancing Book

Double-Decker Bus

Melody Loves Mom and Dad 2

Princess Blue

Pretty Passion


Melody Loves Mom

City Pollution


Seventeen Elsa Cutouts

Unicorn 5

Little City by the Sea

Unicorn Walking in the Field on a Sunny Day

Two Women Outside

Elephant Stuck in the Middle of the Ocean

Picture of Melody Drawing a Picture

Girls with Cat



Caterpillar Race


My Pets

I Love Mommy and Daddy


Unicorn 4

Unicorn 3


Kitty and a Person

Disco Party

Unicorns Two

Unicorn Party Time

Butterfly Girl One

Unicorn Eye Beams

After the Flood There Was a Rainbow

Kitties Chasing Mice and Mice Chasing Kitties in a Video Game

Unicorn One

Two Unicorns and a Princess and God

Starr and Bow

Unicorn Flying Upside Down at Sunset

Princess Unicorn and Her Prince

Unicorn Forest

Mommy Walks Her Unicorn

Princess M and Her Unicorn


Two Unicorns and a Birthday Cake with Five Candles on It

Llama Cat

Savannah Cats Go Out for a Walk

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